Sunday, January 18, 2009

RIP Circuit City

Sad day for electronic buyers as Circuit City has officially gone out of business.

Shame, because I did most of my business at Circuit City. Well, up until they moved the new DVDs right up at the cash register. What a stupid place to put new DVDs. Everytime I went to go look at the new stuff, people would line up behind me. Annoying.

And Firedog is a much cooler name than Geek Squad. When my old computer melted down, and I needed to get my data out of it, I went to Firedog. How demeaning is the name "Geek Squad"? We see them drive around in their little cars and think, "Man, that's gotta suck." Probably the smartest guys in Best Buy, stuck with a lame name. If I had my own electronics chain, I'd name my guys the "Tech Titans".

I was going to buy my first big screen from Circuit City. I guess, I'll have to go to Best Buy, 6th Ave or PC Richards & Son instead. I wonder if they still offer finiancing at CC?

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