Thursday, February 12, 2009

MyNetwork TV = Quitters

First off, I'm waiting for one more thing and Lucky Dawg will be back on track.

On to the main issue, when the UPN and WB networks combined forces to become one channel, it left a small void. This void soon became MyNetwork Television. I had some hopes for the channel. I remembered when Fox and the WB began, they had some cool things on. Then MyNetwork debutted with some kind of soap operas.

Ugh, it's like watching a new business open very close to your house, hoping it'll be something you want (in my case, a comic book store), and it winds up being another cell phone store. What hell are they thinking about opening a cell phone store? They are like a hydra. Close one store, two more open, but they never last longer than a year.

Back on topic, after the soap opera idea tanked, they moved onto other stuff. Like life in prison and revealing magic trick shows. And there was a Flavor Flav sitcom, which can be described as The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire minus the Fresh Prince and the funny plus Flavor Flav. I watched one episode and that was it. That half hour was pretty much the only time I watched MyNetwork, since I didn't need to know what's happening in jail and I don't want magic to be spoiled.

There was also changes going on the CW. They decided they were going to focus on a primarily teen girl programming. This meant the testostrone filled WWE Smackdown was getting the boot, despite being their consistant ratings grabber. So Smackdown and their ratings moved over to MyNetwork.

I have my reason to watch MyNetwork TV. As for the CW, I DVR Smallville, that's it. I'll also watch Reaper when/if/where it comes back.

Now, you'd think with their ratings going upMyNetwork would begin building their programming around the WWE, much like the cable channel Spike did when they had Monday Night Raw. But it was announced this week that MyNetwork is giving up being considered a network.

So instead of using their new found ratings to build their network, they are just going to play it safe and play movies and Law & Order reruns. As if there isn't enough Law & Order on TV right now. Go ahead and flip through your channels. I'm sure Law & Order is on some channel right now, along with a Nicolas Cage movie.

If you're going to throw in the towel like that, why not throw on something different than L&O, and I don't mean CSI either. Take some cable series that the rabbit ears only audience have never heard of or watched. Shows like Psych, Battlestar Galactica, Burn Notice, Nip/Tuck, It's Always Sunny in Philadephia, Rescue Me and perhaps editted versions of Entourage. At least attempt to be daring. If you are going down, go down in a blaze of glory.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you Sirius?!

As I prepare for the NY Comic Con, an email pops up from XM radio. It says:
"Immediate Action Required Regarding Your XM Service"

Now I just paid my yearly subscription last month, so I don't know what this is about. I open it to find out that XM is now going to charge to listen online. Now I can either pay $3 extra a month or order another year on my subscription. I have till March 11th to decide. Hmm, pay $30 for the online or another $140 for an extra year of XM?

I tell you, this whole XM/Sirius merger... wait a minute, this was no merger. When Sirius took over XM, I knew it was going to be a bad thing. How does a company with a worse stock, less subscribers, 2nd in hardware and moronic deals (half a billion for Howard Stern? really?) take over the better company? I can only think the XM big wigs saw the writing on the wall and let them.

This Sirius tumor hanging off my XM sucks. A majority of my favorite channels were changed to Sirius channels and they repeat songs constantly with chatty DJs. Why do I need a DJ to tell me what a song is when it's right there on the screen?

So now Sirius stock is crashing to the point where I could take my Snapple bottle full of change to a broker and buy a hundred shares. And their stock was nothing great to begin with. So now us subscribers have to bail them out, I guess.

I have XM for one reason. Opie & Anthony, love the show. Now the boys have a history of just getting fired for any stunt, so if that day ever comes, out goes the XM. Now I could just say screw the online, my Inno player is right by my computer anyway. But I need the online to play XM through my Iphone. Apparently, they are suppose to come with an App for the Iphone, but Sirius' R&D stands for Retards & Dummies, so who knows when it'll come out.

*sigh* I'll probably just get another year and pull Mel Karmazin's ass out of the fire. This one time.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Preview of The Fighting Stranger page 24

Next week, learn the date and what happened to this world. Plus, C4D feels the need to stretch his legs.