Saturday, January 31, 2009

Preview of The FIghting Stranger page 23 and Lucky Dawg issue 3 cover (sort of)

Next week on The Fighting Stranger, the Stranger explains what kind of stuff he remembers.

And next week brings the return of Lucky Dawg. For the preview of the cover, just look up. It's the image I use for the logo.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oscar Noms are in...

...and I haven't seen any of the Best Picture nominations. Actually, aside from maybe Benjamin Button, I have no desire to see any of them.

I'll catch Button on cable. I usually dig Brad Pitt movies. Problem with Benjamin Button is that I've seen this plot before. It was the plotline for the final season of Mork & Mindy. Now for the kids out there, Mork & Mindy was the show that launched Robin Williams career. Basically, it was about a woman named Mindy who runs into an alien named Mork, and makes him her new roommate. In the final season, Mork & Mindy had a kid, except it didn't start out as a kid. Old Jonathan Winters (he was in some Scooby-Doo cartoons, the heavy guy that did voices) popped out of Mork's giant egg, because Mork's species age backwards (or something like that, it's been awhile).

Like I said, it was the final season, and not in an ER way. More like in a Jump the Shark ratings dive way. So that's why I'm not in any hurry to relive that moment in my young life.

The Wrestler got robbed for Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and Song. At least I saw that one (then again I am a wrestling fan).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

RIP Circuit City

Sad day for electronic buyers as Circuit City has officially gone out of business.

Shame, because I did most of my business at Circuit City. Well, up until they moved the new DVDs right up at the cash register. What a stupid place to put new DVDs. Everytime I went to go look at the new stuff, people would line up behind me. Annoying.

And Firedog is a much cooler name than Geek Squad. When my old computer melted down, and I needed to get my data out of it, I went to Firedog. How demeaning is the name "Geek Squad"? We see them drive around in their little cars and think, "Man, that's gotta suck." Probably the smartest guys in Best Buy, stuck with a lame name. If I had my own electronics chain, I'd name my guys the "Tech Titans".

I was going to buy my first big screen from Circuit City. I guess, I'll have to go to Best Buy, 6th Ave or PC Richards & Son instead. I wonder if they still offer finiancing at CC?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Welcome to my first blog. Excuse the awful name of "Lucky Blawg", but it rhymes with "Lucky Dawg". It's corny, I know.

I'm Adam J. Monetta, a comic book writer and creator. I like to think of myself as semi-pro. So far my one paying job was getting into the Zuda competition with The Fighting Stranger, which didn't win. But hey, it's getting me a free ticket into the NY Comic Con, so it's all good.

So for now, I'm doing it for the love of the craft. Currently, I'm hoping to finish up my Lucky Dawg 4 issue mini-series so I can self-publish it. I'm also continuing The Fighting Stranger as well. Links are on the side.

I'd also like to get published outside of myself. Do a comic that pays for itself, rather than out of my pocket. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on an Image submissions (either a 5 issue mini or an OGN). Wish me luck on that.

I'll be posting comic book stuff and any other random crap that catches my interest. Enjoy.