Saturday, January 17, 2009


Welcome to my first blog. Excuse the awful name of "Lucky Blawg", but it rhymes with "Lucky Dawg". It's corny, I know.

I'm Adam J. Monetta, a comic book writer and creator. I like to think of myself as semi-pro. So far my one paying job was getting into the Zuda competition with The Fighting Stranger, which didn't win. But hey, it's getting me a free ticket into the NY Comic Con, so it's all good.

So for now, I'm doing it for the love of the craft. Currently, I'm hoping to finish up my Lucky Dawg 4 issue mini-series so I can self-publish it. I'm also continuing The Fighting Stranger as well. Links are on the side.

I'd also like to get published outside of myself. Do a comic that pays for itself, rather than out of my pocket. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on an Image submissions (either a 5 issue mini or an OGN). Wish me luck on that.

I'll be posting comic book stuff and any other random crap that catches my interest. Enjoy.

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