Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Taking Advantage of Perverts

I enjoyed watching the To Catch a Predator program. It's fun watching perverts trying to explain themselves to Chris Hansen, then getting taken down by the cops outside. If you can't laugh at pedophile failure, then I don't want to laugh at anything else.

So weird thing happened today. I got home today and my brother wanted to get the new Prototype game. We checked out Gamestop, but they only have copies for people who reserved the game ahead of time. Didn't order enough, check back tomorrow, blah-blah-blah. Now my little sister decided to tag along for the ride, because I guess there's only so may hours one can stare at Facebook. I came up with an idea. I told her to go ask to see if they had the game. Suddenly, they had a couple extra copies.

Son of a bitch.

I don't think the clerk was quite expecting me and my brother to come over and pay for it. He nervously tried to explain the importance of reserving. He quickly just rung the game up after noticing we weren't interested or happy. Now the perfect line there would have been that I reserve the right to put a boot to his ass, but I was actually fighting back laughter, trying to look serious. Like I said, I enjoy when people mess with pervs. And it's not too often that I get to mess with them personally.

In all actuality, it was a screwed up situation. I mean, this creep was ready to sell a 14-year-old girl a mature rated game. They weren't going to sell one of these "extra" copies to the general public. I'm not worried though. We put a bit of a scare in this guy and my sister doesn't play video games. She's also a black belt, with two athletic older brothers and I'm bit crazy where it comes creating ideas of hurting people. Hell, I'm writer, it's what I do. And judging by the clerk's appearance, he doesn't look like he spends much time outside work and home.

As for the Prototype game, I guess it's good. My brother was playing it four hours straight.

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