Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are you Sirius?!

As I prepare for the NY Comic Con, an email pops up from XM radio. It says:
"Immediate Action Required Regarding Your XM Service"

Now I just paid my yearly subscription last month, so I don't know what this is about. I open it to find out that XM is now going to charge to listen online. Now I can either pay $3 extra a month or order another year on my subscription. I have till March 11th to decide. Hmm, pay $30 for the online or another $140 for an extra year of XM?

I tell you, this whole XM/Sirius merger... wait a minute, this was no merger. When Sirius took over XM, I knew it was going to be a bad thing. How does a company with a worse stock, less subscribers, 2nd in hardware and moronic deals (half a billion for Howard Stern? really?) take over the better company? I can only think the XM big wigs saw the writing on the wall and let them.

This Sirius tumor hanging off my XM sucks. A majority of my favorite channels were changed to Sirius channels and they repeat songs constantly with chatty DJs. Why do I need a DJ to tell me what a song is when it's right there on the screen?

So now Sirius stock is crashing to the point where I could take my Snapple bottle full of change to a broker and buy a hundred shares. And their stock was nothing great to begin with. So now us subscribers have to bail them out, I guess.

I have XM for one reason. Opie & Anthony, love the show. Now the boys have a history of just getting fired for any stunt, so if that day ever comes, out goes the XM. Now I could just say screw the online, my Inno player is right by my computer anyway. But I need the online to play XM through my Iphone. Apparently, they are suppose to come with an App for the Iphone, but Sirius' R&D stands for Retards & Dummies, so who knows when it'll come out.

*sigh* I'll probably just get another year and pull Mel Karmazin's ass out of the fire. This one time.

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